Teradata managed services

Managed IT Services provides reliable, sustainable, highly available analytic ecosystems

Unmatched reliability

Keeping applications running smoothly and optimally requires more than application administrators or DBAs — it requires the best consultants available. Teradata Managed IT Services provides a single point of contact for operational task services — monitoring, change requests, performance tuning, security management and reporting — on-premise or in private, managed, or public cloud environments.

Features & benefits


We take operational responsibility for improving your analytic application end-user experience so you can focus on your most critical business issues.


Teradata certified resources provide proven methodologies for better query throughput, optimized best practices, and optimal performance and system health.


We handle daily operations and improve processes for greater overall productivity and efficiency so you can focus on more critical, business outcome-related activities. 

Reduced costs

Expert management operations, best practices, and proven processes translate to lower IT costs.

Production operations support

Provides end-to-end analytic ecosystem management, including operations of database, data integration, Hadoop, and Business Intelligence environments. 

Application development, sustainment

Using agile methodology and Kanban development and operations (DevOps) processes to ensure rapid deployment and operations. 

Teradata Managed IT Services

Teradata Managed IT Services: Driving Business Outcomes Through Operational Excellence

Need skilled resources for your entire analytical ecosystem? We have them.