Teradata migration programs

Migration Services for Snowflake, Netezza, Microsoft SQLServer, Redshift, and Oracle.

Seamless transitions

Industry leaders who need better decisions thru more powerful analytics trust the most powerful, scalable platform available: Teradata Vantage. Our data migration services make it easy to migrate your analytical database — Snowflake, Netezza, Microsoft SQLServer, Redshift, Oracle — to Teradata Vantage for a 360-degree view, reduced maintenance costs, simplified architecture, faster load times, and both increased query concurrency and ad hoc query performance.

Features & benefits

Smooth, multi-phase approach

Proven approach — Inventory and Baseline; Analyze, Select, Prioritize Data; Business Impact Modeling; Findings, Recommendations — eliminates bottlenecks for a smooth transition from your previous platform to Teradata.

Automated migration process

Teradata's automated migration tools help with the migration process, making the migration of application and ETL code as well as schema and data, rapid, easy and risk free.

Data mart reduction

Unify disparate data marts and silos for improved data availability and faster, better decisions across departments throughout the entire organization.

Cloud migration

Are you considering migrating to the cloud for your analytics? If so leverage the most flexible scalable, highest performing analytical database available in the cloud, the Teradata Vantage.

Data model integration

Increase both efficiencies and data business value by reducing the time and energy required to build applications by integrating data into a single logical data model.

Comprehensive consulting services

Teradata Consulting, the Teradata global business analytics consultancy, crafts and implements unique solutions based on individual needs, enhancing capabilities and business value.

InterContinental Hotels Group

Build a loyal customer base. Cynthia Czabala, Vice President — Enterprise Information Solutions for IHG, shares her insights into how big data is transforming the way organizations like IHG are serving their customers.

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