Teradata optimization services for SAS® analytics

A single data ecosystem for all your SAS solutions

Accelerating your SAS performance

SAS and Teradata empower organizations to solve complex business problems, drive sustainable growth through innovation, and manage change. Improving SAS performance isn't about adding new products; it's about getting more from what you already have. Teradata understands this and developed proven strategies to help you do exactly that — get maximum value from your SAS advanced analytics solutions.

Teradata Optimization Services

Proven strategies to leverage maximum power from the combined SAS® and Teradata solution and simplify building, testing, and scoring models quickly. 

Teradata Appliance for SAS

Integrated with SAS High-Performance Analytics Products, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, and SAS IMSTAT to enable SAS® in-memory analytics that solve complex business in near real-time.

Teradata Center of Excellence

Short, in-person, low-pressure sessions help you optimize your SAS data management tools, educate users on best practices, and walk through the steps needed for amazing results.

SAS® High-Performance Analytics

Generate highly accurate and timely insights and solve complex problems using larger volumes of data than ever before.

SAS® High-Performance Analytics for Teradata Advantage Program 

Analytical tools covering data exploration, modeling, and scoring for highly-scalable, in-memory distributed architecture that maximizes performance and minimizes processing time.

SAS - The Power to know

Helping you get more from your SAS analytics.

Enabling in-database processing with SAS/ACCESS to Teradata

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